The "Plax" Market

Plaxico Burress will have to wait and see which teams are interested in him but all signs point to a few potential suitors.

As indicated by The Sports Xchange in a column earlier this week, never underestimate agent Drew Rosenhaus and his ability to create a market for his clients, a lesson that has been learned in the past by teams. But there is growing suspicion that Rosenhaus won't have many more than 3-4 suitors serious about signing free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who was released Monday from jail after serving a 20-month sentence.

Teams are concerned by Burress' age (34 next month), his inactivity (it is likely to be 33 months between games), and by his reputation for never having been the hardest worker earlier in his career. The lockout isn't likely to work in Burress' favor, either, because teams may be forced to make quick decisions on players in a compressed environment.

Said one team official: "It's the ultimate 'buyer beware' scenario. I only hope the guy is starting his conditioning work right away, because when this (lockout) ends, it's going to be bang-bang on signings."

To reiterate some points made earlier this week about the Philadelphia Eagles, popularly rumored as a potential landing spot for Burress: Although third-year veteran receiver Jeremy Maclin is only 6-feet tall, he still scored seven of his 10 touchdowns in the red zone"in 2010. Some Eagles coaches this week, who said they have not had serious discussions yet about Burress, noted that Maclin is a far better red zone receiver than people think.

They also lauded the potential of second-year wideout Riley Cooper, who is 6-5, and who they feel can be a red -one factor. And they seized a theme espoused by The Sports Xchange, that quarterback Michael Vick, who rushed for nine touchdowns in the red zone last season, provides them an X-factor inside the 20-yard line.

Len Pasquarelli is a Senior NFL Writer for The Sports Xchange. He has covered the NFL for 33 years and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee. His NFL coverage earned recognition as the winner of the McCann Award for distinguished reporting in 2008.

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