Bryan Robinson open to 15th season

Veteran defensive lineman Bryan Robinson is open to a 15th NFL season, but do the Cardinals want him back?

Defensive tackle Bryan Robinson has started the last three seasons at nose tackle and is an unrestricted free agent.

But he'll be 37, and he knows that's not an attractive number to NFL personnel people. Yet, Robinson is leaving open the option of playing a 15th NFL season.

Robinson says he's a "healthy guy" and will wait to see if his phone rings. "I'm going to see if it makes sense to do it," Robinson said Monday during a round of golf. "We'll see what happens."

--Running back Jason Wright retired after seven NFL seasons. At 29, Wright was healthy enough to play but was accepted to the University of Chicago's business school and decided to move on to another phase of his life.

"When I signed a two-year deal with Arizona (in 2009), my wife and I had approached that prayerfully because we were entrenched in Cleveland we felt like that was going to be it," he said.

Wright figured 2011 would be his last season but admitted he wavered a bit during 2010.

"Like every guy who has been doing something half his life, it becomes a struggle," he said.

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