Cardinals likely to be without RT Keith

Starting right tackle Brandon Keith is expected to miss Sunday's game against Minnesota with veteran backup Jeremy Bridges replacing him.

Right tackle Brandon Keith left last Sunday's game with swelling in his right knee, and Jeremy Bridges could replace him this week against the Vikings.

Keith said he is having fluid drained from the knee regularly and said something caused it to lock on him late in the second quarter last week. Bridges replaced Keith, who stood on the sideline with his helmet, suggesting he could have returned.

Keith's knee isn't the only factor in the possible position change. He hasn't played well, and while he's more athletic than Bridges, Bridges might be the steadier player.

Keith started for the first time last season and was beginning to play better when he suffered a torn hamstring and meniscus in his knee at mid-season. He missed the rest of the year.

His current knee problems are leftover from the surgery, and he's been wearing a brace on the knee.

Keith has had trouble with his pass sets, and has been consistently beaten in pass protection. He's been a better run blocker, but is in danger of losing his job.

Bridges is a savvy veteran who could bring some nastiness to the lineup. Any change isn't likely to be confirmed until Sunday.

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