Kolb still not comfortable in Arizona

Through five games, it's clear quarterback Kevin Kolb isn't yet comfortable with the Cardinals' offense. And the team is off to a putrid 1-4 start.

Through five games, it's clear quarterback Kevin Kolb isn't yet comfortable in the offense.

It's not that Kolb has been awful; he's had good games and bad. But he's yet to put together consistent performances, and it's telling that the team lost three games in which it had the ball and a chance to win in the final minutes.

Kolb's struggles are most evident when he he's in the pocket. He appears unsure at times when and where receivers are going to come open. He has a tendency to leave the pocket too early, before his deep receivers have a chance to come open.

Kolb's mobility is a blessing and a curse. He is the most mobile quarterback the Cardinals have had since Josh McCown started in 2004, but harnessing that ability will be a key if the Cardinals are to be successful after the bye.

Because he can run, Kolb would be foolish not to use that talent, but he has to be judicious about it.

Kolb spent four years in the West Coast system in Philadelphia, and the requirements in the Cardinals system are different. There are more chances to audible, and the read progression on passing plays is much different.

That takes time to learn, and without the benefit of an offseason, Kolb is learning on the job.

It's not as if he's been a flop. He played well in the first two weeks and has made plays after hanging in the pocket. He completed a 73-yard touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald in Week 2 after waiting until the last minute to throw it.

Kolb took a terrible hit, which caused his helmet to come off and roll for a few feet. So toughness is not a problem for Kolb. He's not skittish.

But he knows he has to play better. Over the last few weeks, he's missed several easy throws that could have gone for big gains.

The Cardinals trailed 28-3 against the Vikings late in the first half Sunday. They were desperate for a score and could have put some pressure on the Vikings by doing so just before halftime.

But Kolb missed tight end Rob Housler, who was open near the goal line. It's the type of play that Kolb, and the Cardinals, have been missing. And it's a big reason they are 1-4.

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