Cardinals need hurry-up fix in a hurry

Arizona's two-minute offense failed in three of its four losses, so improvement has been an emphasis during the bye week.

The Cardinals' two-minute offense failed in three of their four losses, so improving upon that has been a point of emphasis the past two weeks.

Against the Redskins in Week 2, receiver Chansi Stuckey lost a fumble on first down from the Washington 20 with 1:45 remaining.

Kevin Kolb had a pass intercepted late against the Seahawks, and a late scoring chance against the Giants ended when the Cardinals couldn't convert on fourth-and-two. A 10-yard sack on second down contributed to that problem.

"Obviously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that with the two-minute, there have been three games for us where we have had a chance," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "It only makes sense to work on that and make sure we get tempo for both sides of the ball in practice."

The roots of the problem trace to training camp, when the Cardinals probably didn't devote enough time to two-minute situations. With so many things to work on and no offseason, Whisenhunt didn't feel he had the time.

It's a decision he probably regrets and is doing his best to rectify now.

Typically, the Cardinals go over their two-minute offense on Thursdays. It has been a half-speed drill, but last week it was changed to full speed.

"We pulled up the intensity," Kolb said. "The last two days here have been great work. It's the most impressive two days of work I think we have had so far. I really believe that."

The team's work ethic came into question last Sunday, when Kolb made reference to Whisenhunt's post-game speech.

He said the coach "hit the nail on the head. We have to get more detail-oriented. It starts with meetings, showing up to work on time, getting in early, getting your work done, and all the stuff a professional is supposed to do. Maybe it takes a game like this to figure out."

The implication was that players were slacking off. Whisenhunt said that's not the case, and Kolb said later he had not expressed himself correctly. He meant to say that players should devote additional time to details and making sure they were performing their jobs correctly."

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