Coaches emphasize fundamentals with Kolb

Quarterback Kevin Kolb has been in Arizona for three months now. Yet, coaches are emphasizing basic fundamentals.

It's late October and quarterback Kevin Kolb has been with the Cardinals for three months now. Yet, coaches are emphasizing basic fundamentals with Kolb, especially his footwork in his drops and throws.

They think that's the main reason for Kolb's accuracy problems lately. In each of the last two games, he's missed open receivers for big plays. Twice, he has missed tight end Rob Housler as he ran open down the middle of the field.

Against the Steelers Sunday, Kolb missed an easy throw to Housler that would have been a 39-yard touchdown.

"He has to get better at footwork," coach Ken Whisenhunt said of Kolb, "which will allow him to stay in the pocket and make some of those throws. There are times he's done some really good things for us. We've had some big plays. But when you have a play like Rob Housler down the field, that was purely a footwork thing. He's getting his body in bad position because of his footwork and that's what we have to change."

Kolb said after the game he thinks he has progressed, especially in managing the offense: getting the play called and people lined up correctly.

Whisenhunt didn't care for the word "progress", especially at 1-5.

"When you have lost five games in a row, I don't think anybody is progressing at the rate we need to," he said. "I think you're naive if you say that. I'm not saying Kevin is naive to say that. Kevin has made progress in some areas, but I think we all know there have been some plays he's left out there."

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