Numerous problem areas to address in Arizona

The Cardinals have numerous problems to fix following a dismal 1-5 start, and QB Kevin Kolb tops the list.

The Cardinals have a myriad of problems to fix if they are going to bounce back from a 1-5 start, and quarterback Kevin Kolb is at the top of the list.

Kolb has regressed since the start of the season. Over the past three games, he's completed just 53.6 percent of his passes, nearly a 10 percent decline from the first three games.

He's missing open receivers and making poor decisions.

Kolb's inaccuracy stems from problems with his footwork, coach Ken Whisenhunt said. The timing and steps in the Cardinals' offense is different than what Kolb used in Philadelphia, and the quarterback hasn't made the adjustment yet.

"He's getting his body in bad position because of his footwork and that's what we have to change," Whisenhunt said. "A lot of those plays where he's running out of the pocket are because of his footwork and we have to get that corrected.

"He has to step up in the pocket and make some of those throws. He can do that because he's shown he's done that."

Kolb looks uncomfortable in the pocket, and unsure of where to move when he's under pressure. On the run, he's been wildly inaccurate.

Last week, he missed tight end Rob Housler open down the middle for what would have been a touchdown. The cause was a poor drop in which Kolb took a short hop at the end, Whisenhunt said.

"I want to emphasize again that there have been a number of good things that he's done in the pocket," Whisenhunt said. "We just have to get better at being more consistent there. We've had more scoring plays from outside 40 yards this year than we had the whole year last year. A big part of that is because of the plays that Kevin has made. But when you have a play like Rob Housler downfield, that was purely a footwork thing."

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