Eerie similarities in Cardinals home wins

The Cardinals have won their last two home games in overtime by identical 19-13 scores and the similarities don't end there.

--The Cardinals have won their last two home games in overtime by identical 19-13 scores. The similarities don't end there, however.

In both games, the Cardinals scored 3 points in the first quarter, 0 in the second, 3 points in the third, 7 in the fourth and 6 in overtime. In each game, the Cardinals trailed, 13-6, entering the fourth quarter.

Both games ended on touchdowns of at least 52 yards the first time the Cardinals had possession.

The Cardinals had 16 first downs in both games: 5 rushing, 10 passing and 1 penalty.

The two games are the only ones this year in which the Cardinals did not commit a turnover.

Of the nine overtime games in the NFL this season, those two are the only ones decided by touchdowns. The others were decided by field goals.

--Coach Ken Whisenhunt was considering taking a timeout before the Cowboys' field goal attempt at the end of regulation. Then Dallas coach Jason Garrett did. Whisenhunt then decided to fake calling a timeout.

How do you do that?

"You go up to the official, and I actually told him, 'I am not going to call timeout but I'm going to fake like I'm going to,'" Whisenhunt said. "So he's kind of looking at you and you're standing there like you're going to call timeout and you don't call it. It's an art form."

--The Cardinals have beaten the Cowboys three consecutive games at University of Phoenix Stadium. All three victories came on the game's last play, including twice in overtime.

"Pretty entertaining games," he said. "It's crazy the way those games have unfolded."

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