Cardinals: Campbell overtaking Dockett?

After struggling for most of last season, has Calais Campbell overtaken Darnell Dockett as the Cardinals best defensive lineman?

TRENDING: Darnell Dockett has the reputation as the team's best defensive end, but Calais Campbell has been better this season. Not that Dockett's performance has fallen off, but Campbell is playing at close to a Pro Bowl level. He leads the team in sacks with seven and has blocked three field goals. Campbell's only weakness is that he tends to play too high at times, but that's always going to be a challenge for him since he's 6-8.

UNDER THE RADAR: The contributions of defensive back Richard Marshall have played a vital part in the defense's improvement in the latter half of the season. Marshall took over as a starting cornerback, replacing A.J. Jefferson. Just as important, Marshall has moved to safety in nickel and dime packages, allowing the Cardinals to prosper despite the loss of Kerry Rhodes to a foot injury for seven games. Marshall had never played safety before, but it didn't show. He was steady and his versatility should help him in his quest to stay in Arizona. Marshall signed a one-year contract last summer.

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