Whisenhunt will review QBs, assistant coaches

Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt will review the team's quarterbacks and assistant coaches this offseason.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt did his best to dodge two of the most intriguing offseason questions about his team: Will there be a quarterback competition, and does he expect any changes on his coaching staff?

It's not a surprise that Whisenhunt declined to give black-and-white answers the day after the Cardinals ended their season with an 8-8 record.

Whisenhunt isn't going to corner himself with definitive answers on either topic.

When asked about having an "open competition" at quarterback, Whisenhunt said: "We'll, we've got three now. We'll probably sign a few more."

He was joking. He then said every position will be evaluated and that every position is "open for competition."

Kevin Kolb missed seven games between a foot injury and a concussion. John Skelton started those games and went 5-2, but he was inconsistent.

Whisenhunt won't say it, but his track record suggests that Kolb will be the starter in the offseason but that Skelton will be given a legitimate chance to win the job.

Kolb is fine with that, too. If you don't expect competition, Kolb said, then you are in the wrong business.

As for his coaching staff, Whisenhunt said the group did a good job but will subject to reviews in the postseason. Whisenhunt said his job will be reviewed, too, by ownership.

Whisenhunt will take his time with player evaluations. Game video will be reviewed to see if immediate perceptions were correct.

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