Inside the Cardinals' draft room

The Cardinals had offers to trade down from pick No. 13 on Thursday night but ended up staying put to select Notre Dame wideout Michael Floyd.

The Cardinals had offers to trade down from No. 13 during the first round on Thursday night, but none were good enough to entice them to pass on Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd.

At 6-3, 220 pounds, Floyd gives the Cardinals another physical presence to go with Larry Fitzgerald.

"One of the things that was apparent this how important field position has become with the new kickoff and the touchbacks and you're starting field position," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "When you really look at it, you have a player that can change field position really quickly. We feel it gives us a really good receiving corps."

Floyd is likely to start with Andre Roberts and Early Doucet battling for the third and fourth spots.

Floyd is another offensive playmaker the team has added over the past two offseasons, but the club has yet to see the expected production.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb didn't play well last year when he was healthy and he missed seven games with injuries.

Running back Ryan Williams missed his rookie season with a knee injury.

If the Cardinals can get decent play out of their quarterback, Kevin Kolb of John Skelton, then they should be able to score points next year.

Fitzgerald is one of the game's best, and he lobbied for the team to take Floyd.

"I think what we're going to be able to do with our tight ends and our receivers is going to be something that our coaches are excited about experimenting with this spring," Whisenhunt said.

The Cardinals had offers to trade back but they had placed a high value on Floyd, the highest rated player left on their board.

They needed a receiver and thought the drop-off after Floyd was stepper than the drop in talent after Iowa tackle Riley Reiff.

The Cardinals don't have a second-round pick, and it's hard to see them being willing to give up much to move into that round.

They're hoping an offensive lineman, preferably a tackle, is available in the third round.

In the end, Floyd's talent and size was too enticing to pass up.

"As you see highlights of this young man over the next couple of days, or even today, you can see some of those catches in the red zone, down the sideline," Whisenhunt said. "Those are the types of catches that you have to make in the NFL."

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