Cards' Feely showing he can be athletic

Jay Feely hates the cliche that kickers are not athletes. Feely is an excellent golfer and often participates in extra drills during practice.

--Jay Feely hates the cliche that kickers are not athletes. Feely is an excellent golfer and often helps out in practice by catching passes from the quarterbacks. Feely showed off his athleticism recently by catching six punted footballs in succession, without putting any of them on the ground.

He would like to reach seven but that's difficult because it requires putting four in one arm, two in the other, and one between the legs.

Feely likes to tease Patrick Peterson about the feat. Peterson has caught as many as five and is shooting for Feely's record. Peterson said kickers have one advantage.

"They have a lot of time on their hands," he laughed.

--Wide receiver Stephen Williams wants to make a big impression in the preseason, but he realizes he's done that before only to ride the bench in the regular season. Williams led the team in receiving during the preseason last year and was a phenom in 2010. But he hasn't been able to get on the field because he plays behind Larry Fitzgerald. And Williams has not proven to be a good special teams player.

"It's hard to put a 6-5 dude somewhere on special teams," Williams said. "But I need to find some type of role there."

--The Cardinals are exploring the idea of practicing against the Chiefs during training camp. The Cardinals play in the Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 5 and then at Kansas City on Aug. 10. Rather than return to training camp in Flagstaff and then travel to Kansas City, the team could go directly to the Chiefs' camp. Both Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel and Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt are in favor, if the logistics can be worked out.

"I'm certainly hopeful," Whisenhunt said. "We're still in the process of figuring all those (logistical) things out."

--Outside linebacker Clark Haggans re-signed with the team, agreeing to a one-year deal that pays him a salary of $1 million if he makes the team. Haggans, 35, is expected to move from a starting role to a reserve, although he's not ready to concede that point.

"It kind of makes you feel old in a way," Haggans said of his role as mentor. "But there's no rocking chair in front of my locker yet, so I just take it and roll with it."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "If you see his notes, it's like penmanship 101. You say, 'Oh, my goodness, look how nice this is.' It trickles down. Here's a guy who has been in this defense forever and he's taking notes." -- Defensive coordinator Ray Horton on outside linebacker Clark Haggans.

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