Daryl Washington talks suspension, future

Arizona Cardinals LB Daryl Washington, who was suspended for the entire 2014 season, recently talked about his suspension and his future.

Arizona Cardinals LB Daryl Washington is trying to get his life back on track.

The former TCU star, who was suspended for the entire 2014 season, has completed anger management classes and has been in compliance with the league's drug testing policy.

Washington's initial suspension stemmed from violating the NFL's substance abuse policy which resulted in the season-long ban. Washington plans to apply for reinstatement, but could be facing additional penalties from a separate incident involving domestic abuse.

One of the Cardinals major needs this offseason comes at linebacker - especially on the interior. Washington would go a long way towards shoring up that unit and Arizona is hopeful he'll return to the field in 2015.

Below are the NFL's guidelines for reinstatement which Washington is in the process of following:

NFL reinstatement requirements

Any Player who has been banished under Stage Three may apply formally in writing for reinstatement no sooner than 60 days before the one-year anniversary date of the letter so banishing him.

The application should include all pertinent information about the Player's:

(a) Treatment;

(b) Abstinence from Substances of Abuse throughout the entire period of his banishment;

(c) Involvement with any Substances of Abuse related incidents; and

(d) Arrests and/or convictions for any criminal activity, including Substances of Abuse-related offenses.

Set forth below are the procedures to be used when an application is received by the Commissioner.

1. Within 45 days of receipt of the application, the Player will be interviewed by the Medical Director and the Medical Advisor, after which a recommendation will be made to the Commissioner with regard to the Player's request for reinstatement.

2. The Player will execute appropriate medical release forms that will enable the Commissioner's staff and NFLPA Executive Director's staff to review the Player's substance abuse history, including but not limited to attendance at counseling sessions (individual, group and family); attendance at 12-step and other self-help group meetings; periodic progress reports; and all diagnostic findings and treatment recommendations.

3. The Player will submit to urine testing by an NFL representative at a frequency determined by the Medical Advisor.

4. The Player will agree in a meeting with the Commissioner or his representative(s) to comply with the conditions imposed by the Commissioner for his reinstatement to the status of an active Player.

5. All individuals involved in the process will take steps to enable the Commissioner to render a decision within 60 days of the receipt of the application.

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