Super Bowl Week Notes

The following are news and notes gathered from various sources during our stay in Jacksonville during Super Bowl week. According to NFL league sources, the Cardinals have ranked the importance of what position they will look to most in the NFL Draft.

Cardinals- A team source told again this week that the team remains very high on University of Miami cornerback Antrell Rolle. In fact, according to the source, if the draft were being held this week, Rolle would likely be their selection. The club is looking for a potential shut down cornerback who can make an immediate impact on their defense.

Seahawks - According to a team source, running back Shaun Alexander ranks about fourth of importance in re-signing for the club of their 16 unrestricted free agents. 

The source lists quarterback Matt Hasselbeck as their top priority then left offensive tackle Walter Jones, and even cornerback Ken Lucas as their third priority over Alexander who would be their fourth option to re-sign.

So why isn't Alexander viewed as a top priority to re-sign? For one, this year's NFL draft is viewed as very deep and the free agent class is also solid. The team would rather spend less money on that position and tie up their cap money in more important positions such as quarterback and left tackle.

Additionally, Alexander isn't viewed as a franchise type back despite having a great season in 2004. Alexander, according to those who have watched him closely, "plays like he's 40 years old." What that means is he's not the type of runner that will always make the big run and is more apt to go down after the first contact made by an opposing tackler.

Dolphins - In a side note, new head coach Nick Saban has told his assistants that they cannot talk to the media and if they do, they could be subject to being fired. Saban is using the same basic media policy from his friend and coaching colleague Bill Belichick which basically states his coaches are off limits from talking to the media and his players will have limited access for interviews.

Giants - The team is expected to look to sign either a young emerging receiver in free agency or looking for one that they can develop via this year's draft. Both of their starting receivers finished the season with zero touchdown catches.

Jets - Despite saying he's open to coming back, we're told unrestricted free agent running back Lamont Jordan will seek a starting job elsewhere. If he's unable to find one, Jordan could wind up re-signing with the club for just one season.

Lions - Unrestricted quarterback Mike McMahon will seek a starting job elsewhere. McMahon believes, according to a league source, that he wouldn't be given a fair shot to win the starting job due to the disparity in salary if he re-signed despite the fact that starting quarterback Joey Harrington struggled last season and didn't have a solid hold on the no.1 spot on the depth chart.

Vikings - According to two team sources, there is a very good chance that star wide receiver Randy Moss has played in his last game for the club.

One source told us "it would be an upset if Moss was on the team this season," and the team has "reached a point of no return with him." The source rated the likelihood of Moss being dealt before this year's NFL draft or before training camps being as 75%.

Another source said one potential stumbling block in trading Moss away as it could hurt the value of the team if it's sold. If Moss is dealt, a prospective new owner could view the team as less valuable.

We'll continue to follow this situation as the weeks progress.

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