Cards Fantasy Five

In this new feature, looks at the top five questions for all 32 teams that fantasy football participants will have to face in their drafts this summer.

Arizona Cardinals

1. Is Kurt Warner worth drafting as a fantasy starter or backup this season? He certainly will have better talent around him at receiver than he did with the Giants last season. However, their offensive line isn't much better than the Giants either.

Warner will play in an offense that is similar to in which he played in with the Rams so his familiarity with it should help. But it takes time for a quarterback with a new team to develop chemistry with his receivers.

Warner could put up good numbers this season but there are too many questions to be answered with him so draft him as your fantasy backup, not starter.

2. Who will be the most valuable running back, Marcel Shipp or J.J. Arrington? The two will battle it out for the starting job in training camp. The fact that the Cardinals selected Arrington with their second-round pick could be a sign that they are looking to replace Shipp who missed all of season due to a pre-season leg injury.

Arrington offers more speed and head coach Dennis Green likes smallish backs that are fast and that can make big plays so that gives Arrington an advantage over the bigger back in Shipp.

We get the distinct feeling Arrington is being groomed as the starter and will handle that role by the time opening day of the regular season rolls around.

3. Who will be the more valuable receiver to have, Anquan Boldin or Larry Fitzgerald? Both will be pretty active in their passing game this season. Boldin will likely have more passes come his way but Fitzgerald looked like more of a redzone option for touchdowns and that could be the case again this season.

Overall, Boldin probably will turn out to be the more valuable of the two but both should be solid fantasy starters this season.

4. Are any of their tight ends worth drafting? They have five undrafted free agents on their roster and the only one with meaningful experience is the projected starter Eric Edwards who isn't anything special.

Keep an eye on rookie TE Adam Bergen who probably should have been drafted but at this point, none of those players are worth drafting.

5. Is their fantasy defense worth drafting as a starter or backup? Their defense and fantasy defense for that matter were big surprises last season.

Knowing that they were making progress last season, the team decided to beef up the defense with the additions of DE Chike Ofeafor, S Robert Griffith, and rookie CB Antrel Rolle. All three of those players should help give their fantasy defense strong consideration as a starter late in your draft.

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