Two More Visits Confirmed

As the Cardinals look up and down the draft board the #10 pick looks bigger and bigger. Certainly, their choice will depend largely on who's left, but two more visits, confirmed by, give hints as to what Michael Bidwell and Dennis Green are thinking.

The speculation over what direction the Cardinals will go with their first round draft pick may not have gotten any clearer in past two weeks, but the individual players appear to be getting narrowed, as has confirmed that the Cardinals have had two more official visits with potential first round draft picks.

Texas QB Vince Young visited with the Cardinals early in April.  The athletic Young could easily be the direction head coach Dennis Green is looking toward, as his best success as a head coach has come with a pair of QBs similar to Young in both frame and style.  Randal Cunningham and Daunte Culpepper both led Green coached teams to the playoffs in Minnesota, and Young's incredible speed and ability to avoid the rush play right into that style.  His athleticism could also help what has been a less than stellar offensive line. 

As the saying goes though, defense wins championships, offense sells tickets.  While Young might energize the Cardinals faithful to come out to the new stadium, defensive tackle Haloti Hgata out of Oregon could provide more immediate help to the Cardinals who are still trying to figure out exactly who will replace departed DT Russell Davis.  Hgata will visit the Cardinals in the coming weeks as Michael Bidwell and Green figure out who can benefit the team most in both the short and long term.

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