Arizona Next In Kennedy Unretirement Tour

Lincoln Kennedy is overweight, probably out of shape, and 35 years old. Still, he might be the best offensive tackle on the Cardinals right now if they signed him, and it looks like an Arizona audition for the retired former Pro-Bowler could be happening as soon as Friday.

Former All-Pro Offensive Tackle Lincoln Kennedy has been retired since before the 2004 season, doing spot work for FOX Sports Radio.  The former first round draft pick ('93) of the Atlanta Falcons, who had his best years as an Oakland Raider, has been pondering a comeback, and the list of teams who might be interested just jumped from two, Washington and Dallas, to three, as Arizona is in the mix.

Despite recent reports that Kennedy had failed a physical with the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday, it appears now that while Dallas wasn't sold on him, it wasn't a situation where he wasn't healthy enough to play, just not healthy enough for the Cowboys. 

A source close to Kennedy says that the Cardinals and Denis Green are interested in "having a look" at the 35 year old tackle, perhaps as soon as Friday.  There will of course be concerns about his weight, age, and the fact that he has not played since the '03 season, but considering the Cardinals current woes, it may be worth those risks. 

Of course the other concern will be how much cash it will take to sign the veteran.  Some speculate that Kennedy's audition in Dallas was going very well until talk of what Kennedy would expect in a contract began, and then suddenly the Cowboys were no longer interested.  For the Cardinals, they have the cap room, but the question is how much they want to invest in a player who will likely not be around more than a year or two at the most.

In any case it appears the Redskins will have first shot at Kennedy, as he is scheduled to meet with them today or tomorrow, and Arizona would be next in line.  Stay tuned to for reports from camp.

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