A View From Section 104

We wanted a fan, the type of guy you could have a beer with and just gripe, or cheer, or cry, about the Cardinals with. Who better to fill that role than our favorite bartender. He's got season tickets (and he has for years, so you know he's hardcore) and each week he'll bring you a little different take on the game. The view from section 104.

The long hot wait is over for Cardinal fans. Sunday marked the first day in eighteen years that the faithful could watch a home opener without the glare of the sun in their eyes and without sweat from their brows dripping into their beer. Cardinal fans have long been denied what it feels like to match cool crisp autumn air with NFL excitement.  Rather, sitting through the first few games has always left us feeling more like buckets of hot, greasy chicken wings left on the dashboard.  (Actually, we gave this one a try on Sunday and discovered that five-hour, car-broiled wings make for a tasty post-game treat.)

That this year is going to be different was abundantly obvious as we drove down Camelback and were greeted with the expansive view of the stadium.  We made our way down 91st  Avenue with ease, although admittedly we arrived two hours before kick-off.  Though we miss the pre game stops at our favorite Mill Avenue spots, the grassy area on the west side of the stadium will hold its own appeal for mingling once the mercury drops a few degrees.

We've had many months of hype about the stadium's design and technological marvel of a sliding grass field, however what struck us foremost and made us smile over our suds was the blast of cool air that greeted us as we entered the stadium.  No longer do you need a gallon water chaser after every Bud.  Instead we moved smoothly from concessions, cold beer and hot dog in hand, to section 104, without a single bead of perspiration forming on our brows. One small step for man, one giant leap for Cardinal kind.

The glory of an air controlled climate aside, the view from section 104 can't be beat, with an unobstructed view of a sea of red in the stands and an emerald green field of real grass in mint condition.  We did notice however that the concessions areas are lacking televisions and we also missed a continuous display of other NFL scores on the scoreboard.  But all in all, the Cards have done this one right with a world class facility for their fans.  The Cardinal stadium is a slick, well-coordinated, smooth-running operation.

And now, about the Cardinal team…

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