A View From Section 104: Amateur Sunday

Last week I celebrated the architectural achievement and air controlled haven that is the Cardinals new home.  I refrained from game analysis, however, wanting to see if their new digs would have any effect on making the Cardinals look and act more like a professional team.  Well, the answer this week, from the view on my sectional leather couch in front of the big screen, is... Nope. 

You can take the team out of the college stadium, but can you take the amateurs out of the team?  Apparently, not yet.

The first thing the Cardinals coaching staff has got to do is put the right guys in the right position. I have worked for twenty plus years in the restaurant industry and one  thing I can tell you is to know your position.  You don't expect the run, bus, roll guy to cook your steak or the kitchen manager to seat your guests. The Cardinals coaching staff , however, seems particularly adept at position errors.  For example, someone with the lack of speed of Leonard Davis should not be playing  tackle. Davis is much better suited to guard.  Dennis Green says that Davis is being paid too much money to play guard, but Green should be focusing on how each player can benefit the team, not how much each one earns.  Secondly, moving David Macklin to the inactive list proved to be a disaster when Eric Green had to leave the game.  Apparently, Green took issue with Macklin's mistakes last week, but by putting him on the inactive list the Cardinals were left with inexperienced players at defensive back.  Green should do better job at putting his players in the best position to win.

Once you have the right guys in the right position, you have to be able to execute.  The most perplexing series of events took place in the final 15 seconds of the first half after Warner was sacked on the Seahawk's 38-yard line.  Instead of having Warner return to the line, snap the ball and spike it to stop the clock, Greene rushed the special team onto the field and forced a 53-yard field goal attempt which kicker Neil Racker  missed.  Meanwhile, Green, Frank Bush and Keith Rowen looked on the hastily attempted field goal like three hapless bystanders at the scene of a car wreck. 

 Other mistakes in execution led to Seahawk scores and Cardinal turnovers.  Adrian Wilson was out of his position at safety all day and allowed an easy touchdown in the first half. In the second half, Adam Bergen fumbled the ball trying to get an extra yard that meant nothing.  Green then compounded the mistake by throwing the red flag when every spectator in America, except apparently the Cardinal's coaches, could clearly see the ball left Bergen's hands before he hit the ground.    However, the lowest point in the game came in the last five minutes when the Cards had the ball and, in between each play, moved like their feet were stuck in a monsoon drenched arroyo. The Seahawks could just kick back and relax as the Cardinals ran the clock out for them.  Kurt Warner showed a lack of leadership by not yelling at the team to get them to move faster. A professional never gives up no matter how bad things get.  They just lied down and quit. 

I should mention the one bright spot I saw this week was Gerald Hayes.  He made many tackles at the line of scrimmage and had one interception.  Way to go, Gerald!  Hopefully, next week your teammates will join you at your level of play when the Cards return to the new stadium.  We need a team that can live up to its multi-million dollar venue.

Maybe Dennis and Kurt should put them selves on the inactive list next week.

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