A Victory! For the PR Machine

It appears the greatest improvement this off-season was not adding an all-pro running back, it wasn't the drafting of a Heisman trophy winning quarterback, it wasn't even the addition of a player at all…it was the new and improved skills of the Cardinals Public Relations department.

            In an obvious and disgusting attempt to take advantage of the short time span between games and to steer the water cooler discussion, head coach Dennis Green this week announced that rookie Matt Leinart would be starting for the Cardinals at Atlanta next week.

Is this strictly a football decision made because Green thinks that Leinart gives his team the best chance to win, or, could this be because Green wants to divert attention away from the fact that Arizona squandered away a certain win against St. Louis on Sunday enraging the Cardinals fans to the point of mass hysteria? I'll bet on the latter.

It appears to one sports fan that Dennis Green and the boys in PR are cranking up the propaganda machine in a blatant attempt to give the average fan a positive talking point, rather than the typical, ulcer inducing, teeth mashing, morose Monday Cardinals conversation. By providing the material for the discussion Green can avoid the wreck of the Rams game just long enough to get to next Sunday- and it appears as if his strategy is working.

            Ask yourself, how did your conversations about the Cards start Tuesday morning? Safe to bet that they went something along the lines of "Did ya hear they're gonna start Leinart?" rather than "Did you see that garbage against the Rams?"

            I for one think it's an insult that the Cardinals brass would allow a red herring story like this to be circulated. In no way should any Cardinals fan be excited about Leinart starting, let's remember, as great as he was in college, he is still a rookie. I believe that Public Enemy said it best when they said, "Don't believe the hype." Because on Sunday, take my word, Warner will be starting, Leinart will be holding a clip board and the same old cardinals will be out there grasping at straws trying to figure out how to stop Michael Vick and the Atlanta rush offense.

            However, we must still give kudos to the spin-doctors in the PR department for doing their job. They showed that they deserve the money they make, heck they probably deserve a bonus for this gambit. They made the whole valley suppress their aggression and rage, and instead focus on a rookie that has never even taken a regular season snap, all but forgetting about that nauseating loss against the Rams last Sunday. So to them I say keep spinning boys, keep on spinning.

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