The View From Section 104: Wrong Team Kurt!

The heart sank, and then the spirits rose, and then the heart was torpedoed, and then somehow the odds looked good! And then the heart was ripped out, thrown on the ground and stomped on Mortal Kombat style. Thanks Kurt, are you sure you didn't get confused and think you were playing for the Rams again?

Just when you think you've seen it all, the Cards come up with another way to lose a game.  Which team was Warner playing for anyway?  When the Rams fumbled the snap with a little over two minutes to go it looked like the football gods were smiling down on us.  Apparently Warner doesn't like smiling gods and gave the gift right back.

And then there was Green putting Ware in at starting defensive back which had Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce jumping for joy.  What is the reason for putting in a free agent rookie over a guy like Macklin, who at least has some experience? And then you have Antrel Rolle calling out his teammates as he did when he's only played eight games in the NFL. Antrel, they would have thrown at you all day if Ware wasn't on the other side.              There were some bright spots. Anquan Boldin had a great day catching the ball and picking up yardage after each catch.  Edgerrin James had a lot of running room and made some great moves.  But you need more than two players.

Now Green says he'll start Leinart next week.  I say, what the heck.  The Cards are a three ring wreck of a circus and Denny is head clown; it doesn't really matter who starts at quarterback. 

Now a shout out to my buddy Roger, creator of the car-broiled chicken wings,  who couldn't make it to the game because he's laid up with a bad back.  At least Roger knows that, unlike the Cards, he can get better.  I also salute my friend Bob who flew down from Seattle to join me for this debacle in the desert.  Now is that crazy, or what?  And to all Cardinal fans, my advice is to drink wisely but effectively to clear your minds of this one.

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