A View From Section 104: 'The Cardinal Play'

It is the moment in the game when, typcially, we throw something. It might be our hands up in the air, it might be a football through the TV, it might that Cowboy fan friend of ours out of the house. Doesn't matter, we throw something, and Bartender Al has deemed it 'The Cardinal Play.'

In every season, in almost every Cardinal game there is a key play that turns the football game into a freak sideshow, like watching a procession for the Dalai Lama turn into a jell-o wrestling match.  An infamous example was Steve Bono for the Chiefs fake hand-off on fourth and inches.  While the Cardinal's defensive line scrambled for the ball at the line of scrimmage, Bono bootlegged around the corner and limped along for a  76 yard  touchdown.  Two weeks ago Warner pulled off another Cardinal Play with his fumble in the last two minutes.  And this past Sunday Warner did it again with his third quarter interception.  Before this they had a chance to get back into the game.  After the interception the offense and defense just gave up.  The Cardinal's have such a fragile mentality that that's what they do after a big mistake–they just give up. 

What I would like to see is a new definition for the Cardinal Play.  The offense and defense need to go for it–they have nothing to lose.  Throw the deep ball, blitz on every play, have some fun.  If they are going to lose, they might as well go down swinging.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to come over and say hi this week-end I'll be there, in section 104.  Just look for the guy with the bag over his head.  Remember, if you're a Cardinal's fan, you've got to find some way to have some fun.

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