Throw the Damn Ball Denny

This team has weapons. Big weapons. Weapons known across the league. They are called wide receivers. In order for them to be effective, in most cases, one thing has to happen. Dennis Green has to let the face of the franchise, the savior, the Golden Boy from USC, act like that QB from Tennessee. The Cards should be a poor man's Colts, and Green should let Matt Leinart throw the damn ball.

Throw the damn ball Denny.

I don't care if its a rookie QB, you decided to start him, you decided to draft him #10 overall, you decided to make him the future of the franchise.

So throw the damn ball.

The Cardinals should, for all intents and purposes, be a poor man's Indianapolis Colts.  Let's not get all uppity, I'm not proclaiming Matt Leinart the second coming of Peyton Manning, but I'm certainly more than comfortable calling Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin the next generation Marvin Harrison and Reggie WayneEdgerrin James is the next...Edgerrin James?  Sure, works for me, but you can go deeper.  Brandon Stokley vs. Bryant Johnson?  I'm comfortable with that.  Neil Rackers vs. Mike Vanderjagt (Vinatieri been hurt more than he's played, and for this analogy it works) is at worst a push, and Leonard Pope will, he's not yet but he will, be far far better than Dallas Clark has ever hoped to be.

So throw the damn ball.

Matt Leinart came out on Sunday vs. a Chief's defense that came into the week ranked #3 overall in the NFL and put up two first quarter touchdowns.  He threw the ball well, he made smart decisions, he looked, for lack of a better word, good.  Which in the eyes of Arizona Cardinals fans is looking like Dan Marino, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw all rolled into one after four weeks of Kurt Warner playing hot potato with the ball.

There were three things about Leinart that were completely different from Warner; He was throwing left handed, he was completing passes, and he looked confident.  Warner hasn't looked confident since he was a New York Giant.  He seems perpetually shell shocked.

And yet for some reason Dennis Green had Warner throwing the ball like he was going to earn air miles for every attempt last year, but this year, with more weapons, he's shelved the passing game.  Yes, we have James, and yes, he's the best running back ever to play in the desert, but this is a team that should be slinging it 45+ times every week.  This is a team that should have four receivers, or three receivers and a tight end, on the field every down.  This is a team that should be sending Johnson deep at least once a series, and throwing seven yard slants to Boldin for no other reason than to watch him run over corner backs.  This is a team that should throw so often that when they hand the ball off to James the defense is so stunned they audibly gasp.

And not surprisingly, Green is having none of it.  So surprised was he with a lead in the first quarter that he essentially folded the playbook into a neat little origami figure and hid it.  He put it away and put everything in the hands of Neil Rackers.  Yes, Rackers was a Pro-Bowler last year.  Yes, he has a great leg, and yes, he was the best thing on the team last year, but that's sort of being like the nicest hotel in Baghdad isn't it?

Neil Rackers is not the franchise.  He is not the reason that Cardinals fans have hope.  Go ahead and make the argument that James is the real reason Cardinals fans have hope, fine, I'll agree with you, and I'll also say that as a pure runner he's near the bottom of the Top 10 running backs in the league, but as a receiver he's #1...okay #2 after LT.

So throw the damn ball.

The defense has been pretty good, this isn't the same 'D' that was here two years ago?  Do it the way the Colts did.  Come out, put up 42, and if they can score 43, tip your hat.  Put the team in the hands of the lefty who has done nothing but win.  Nothing but win.

Well, until now.  Let's not forget, Matt Leinart has now played in as many losses in Arizona as he did during his entire career at USC.  Don't do the same thing next week Denny, don't let Leinart learn how to lose.  Don't let the Arizona Cardinals virus infect him.  All he's ever known is success.

So throw the damn ball.

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