The View From Section 104: Masochism

The definition of mental illness: going to a Cardinal's game year after year and expecting them to win.  What makes this worse is I paid my hard earned money up front for season tickets for this kind of abuse.  Forget mental illness; this is masochism.

Last week I talked about the "Cardinal Play," that special moment in every game when the Cardinals make some boneheaded maneuver which leaves the fans scratching their heads and usually means points for the other team.  An example of one of these plays occurred Sunday when the Cardinal's special team allowed Scott Player's punt to be blocked.  Should we call them the special needs team? This eventually led to the a Chief's touchdown.  And consider  Leinart's interception, a la Kurt Warner, in the second half. This interception led to the Chiefs tying the game and  proved you can change the characters but the ending to any Cardinal's story is always the same. And what was up with Racker's 51 yard field goal miss?  Was there a  strong cross wind that prevented the ball from going through the posts?

The Chicago Cub fans may be some of the only fans who know what decades of losing seasons feels like.  At least, however, their fans can step outside Wrigley Field into a bar to drown their sorrows.  After a Cardinal's game there's no place to go but your car to sit for an hour waiting to get out of the parking lot and to think of all the better ways you could have spent your day.  Like I said before, I can't believe I pay for this stuff.   After the past few performances the Cardinals might want to consider taking out life insurance policies for the upcoming Bear's game.  Their gonna get killed.

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