Please Throw the Ball Mr. Green?

It wasn't a real shock to hear Matt Leinart say he wanted to throw more, but one has to wonder if this was a PR move, just a (late) reaction, or a vote of confidence to his new Offensive Coordinator. Regardless, asks the same question we asked last week, only this time we ask nicely.

Matt Leinart said what everybody was thinking.  Maybe he said it during the game Monday night, maybe he didn't, but he said it later. 

"We were running into eight, nine man fronts the entire game," he said. "We ran the ball a whole bunch and we weren't running the ball very well during the second half. I would have liked to throw the ball a little bit more, get more of a rhythm."

At we're not ones to pat ourselves on the back, our range of motion doesn't allow it, but we screamed this from the rooftops last week, and Leinart echoed our thoughts.  Dennis Green on the other hand, was far more in control on Tuesday than he was during his tirade after the loss.

"Matt did some good things," Green said. "They played hard on offense, but just not so smart at times."

Fired offensive coordinator Keith Rowen is the one who shouldered the blame, but one really has to wonder if the Cardinals' shrinking cojones were the result of Rowen being gun shy, or Green sticking the playbook in his pocket.  Whatever the reasoning, the Cardinals are turning the reigns over to Mike Kruczek, who at the very least is someone Leinart has a close relationship with.

It doesn't take an offensive genius to see that the Cardinals, Edgerrin James or no Edgerrin James, is going to have to throw to open up the run, and it doesn't take an offensive genius to see that they should be.  Short, controlled routes to Anquan Boldin, Adam Bergen and Leonard Pope, and when he returns, Larry Fitzgerald are the keys to the offense.  These guys are big, bread tackles, and hold on to the ball.  If there are eight in the box, that means every one of those receivers are just one broken tackle away from a big play.

So we'll ask a little more nicely this time:  Please Throw the Ball Mr. Green.

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