Confidence Is NOT High

It is one of the great mysteries of each week. Like Survivor, who will be on the offensive line this week? Milford Brown returns, Chris Liwienski goes to the bench, will the results change? Maybe, but the excuses will.

Tired of the same old excuses?

So are we.

This week, again, the Cardinals will make changes on the offensive line, replacing Chris Liwienski with Milford Brown.  Brown has been out with an ankle injury the past three weeks, so its not as if he was a choice when the Cardinals offensive brain trust (insert joke here) has been piecing together a line.  Never mind that he came from the Houston Texans, where David Carr spends more time on his back than in the huddle, he supposed to be the fixer. 

The question becomes, where do they play him?  "Deuce" Taitusi Lutui played well on the right side, Leinart's blind side, and he's clearly the future, but Brown was supposed to be one of the off season acquisitions that were going to flip the Cardinals into winners, that were going to fix this porous offensive line.

So this has been the excuse, the line has never had the opportunity to 'gel.'  They haven't been able to play together long enough to build that chemistry that we hear all great lines need.

Starting against Dallas next week, the line should be Reggie Wells at RT, Lutui at RG, Nick Leckey at center, Brown at left guard and Leonard Davis at LT.

We hear that they will stick with this lineup (barring injury) for the rest of the season.  We hear that they will finally have the chance to 'gel' and that could make them a more solid group next season.

What we're tired of is excuses.

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