The View From Section 104: Uno Y Ocho!

Bartender Al is one of the faithful. He's the guy who had season tickets at Sun Devil Stadium, the one who proudly wears his Cardinal hat and jersey year round. He can talk shop while you sip your beer, acknowledging the weaknesses of his club while simultaneously finding the silver lining. But somewhere between 1-7 and 1-8 something snapped, and now Bartender Al is crying in his beer.

So why should you go to the Lions game?  Well I'll tell you why: you must want to win bad, even more than the Cardinals coaches, players or owners.  The Cardinal fans that show up for this are the most hardcore fans out there. 


            Or they have a relative from Detroit who wants to go to the game.


If I were Denny Green, I would tell the players to lose the game to secure the first round draft pick. If any of the players disagreed with me, I would tell them we have a chance to make Cardinal history by losing nine in a row.  Let's make sure to do this right.  Give the ball to James on every down.  This strategy should secure the loss.  Then we can start the hype for the first pick of the first round.  Here's something to look forward to.  The Bidwells will not want to pay the top pick's signing bonus and he will come into camp late and get hurt.  Maybe the Cardinals should trade out of the first round to get a linemen who can block the guy in front of him.


That's it for now.  I'm out of ideas.  If you have any ideas for a new head coach and GM e-mail me at


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