A View From Section 104: Trading Fitz

In this week's 'A View From Section 104' Bartender Al offered up the subtitle, 'Al's Advice For a Better Tomorrow.' But when you're talking about trading Larry Fitzgerald away, we on the editorial staff figured that better be in the headline.

According to my eight-year-old daughter, the Cardinals are like a gun that just won't blast.  I think this is an astute observation and I am in complete agreement with her.  I say it is time to dismantle the offense and put together a team that can blast.  Or at the minimum, put together a team who can at least make some kind of popping sound.

The first suggestion I have is to trade Larry Fitzgerald to the Jaguars for Maurice Williams, who is a good right tackle.  And let's throw in Oliver Ross for good measure. The Jaguars need a good wide receiver and the Cardinals have too much money tied up in Boldin and Fitzgerald together; their two huge contracts do not justify the production they get from the two of them.  The Cardinals should be willing to consider trading Fitzgerald for any good right tackle and a few draft picks.

Secondly, the Cardinals should be willing to shop around any of their players right now with the exception of Leinart and Boldin.  I would even trade the Cardinals first round draft

pick for proven defensive linemen and some second, third, and fourth round picks.  Hey Bidwells, build your team with  second, third, fourth and fifth round picks who have to prove they belong in the NFL and will work for it (examples: Boldin, 2nd round, Gerald Hayes, 3rd round, Carlos Dansby, 2nd round, Adrian Wilson, 3rd round, Aeneas Williams, 3rd round, Larry Centers, 5th round).  By doing this, the Bidwells will "save money," and everyone will be in camp on time.

My last suggestion is to go out and get the best coaches money can buy, especially a great offensive coordinator and a quarterback coach for Matt LeinartNorv Turner of the 49ers is a great example of what an offensive coordinator can do.  Despite the fact he has no big names on offense,  the 49ers have exceeded expectations this year.  Coaching, coaching, coaching is the difference, as well as an ownership that will allow  the coaches to sign players and add depth to the team.

Questions, comments, considerations?  E-mail me at allenwynne@cox.net and tell me what you think.

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