Open Letter From A Steelers Fan

I guess I have to say congratulations to the few Cardinal Football fans that exist in America today.  You not only took my Offensive Coordinator and made him your Head Coach; you decided to hire my Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach at the same time.  I hope you're happy because I'm sure not. 

Actually, I take that back.  I am happy for you. 

During the 1944 season the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Cardinals (now Arizona Cardinals) were forced to merge for one season due to both teams losing players to Military Service during WWII.  As nice as it must be for you Cardinals fans to have your team mentioned in the same sentence as the five time Super Bowl Champions, 'our' team did go 0-10 that season. I believe the Cardinal Curse played a little role in that.  I mean come on, you have two League Championships since your team was founded and really you should only have one since the 1925 Championship should have gone to the Pottsville Maroons.  

It's probably time I stop pouring salt in the open wound because after all I'm not here to bash your team.  I'm here to tell you why Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm can bring you something you've longed waited for; the coveted Lombardi Trophy. 

Ken Whisenhunt was hired by Pittsburgh in 2001 to coach their Tight Ends.  During his tenure as their Tight Ends coach, he turned Mark Bruener and Jay Riemersma into excellent blocking backs after both players were considered washed up.  In 2004 Whisenhunt took over as Offensive Coordinator for the Steelers.  He enjoyed immediate success in his role.  Although he is considered to be a flashy, 'trick play' Coordinator, Whisenhunt is actually a cautious play caller.  He believes in establishing a ground game to loosen opponent's secondaries allowing the receivers to get one on one match-ups.  Sure, he runs those double reverses that give the ball back to the QB, but he does it after he's pounded the defense into submission. 

We all know the Cardinals offensive line needs work, its a given.  However, you now have Russ Grimm which during his six years with the Steelers arguably developed one of the best O-Lines in the NFL.  The Cardinals have all the talent a team could ask for in their skill positions.  You have the two time National Champion, Heisman Trophy winning QB who goes by the name of Matt Leinart.  You also have the four time Pro Bowl Running Back named Edgerrin James and how can we forget about the two-headed monster of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.  In 2005 they became only the 3rd receiving duo in NFL history to both catch over 100 passes and gain 1400 yards.

Now calm down a little bit because I know that's a lot of information to process in one sitting.  Don't be expecting to host your own Super Bowl in 2008 just yet. After all, you haven't won nine games in a single season in almost a decade. You still have a lot of work to do, but it is possible you can reach the glory land in a couple of years.  The talent is there and its young; now just let Grimm create an Offensive line that smothers Defensive fronts and let Whisenhunt create a few plays for Leinart to shred secondaries, which we all know he can do.  Don't forget what he did to the Bears this year, and at that time they had the best defense in the league.  And remember, he did that to the Bears when he was a ROOKIE.  Just imagine what is in store when he has an O-Line that can keep defenders out of his face and has Whisenhunt to mold him into one of the leagues finest.            

This might be the only time you ever read this from me.

Arizona wins, Pittsburgh loses.

Stay hot Arizona.


Kyle Walden

Steelers Fan For Life&

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