Combine Notes: Morning After 2.23.07

What does Brady Quinn have to do with your wife/girlfriend? Check it out.

As I watched the throng of reporters sprint towards Brady Quinn's podium yesterday for his press conference, I felt a sense of joy and relief that the one position going into this season where we don't need any help is at quarterback.

I know I've mentioned this 38 or 39 times thus far, but the crowds that surround the top prospects is truly amazing.  I was talking to Tony Ugoh, a tackle prospect from Arkansas, and everyone scattered as soon as it was announced that Quinn was going to be taking the podium.  Everyone left Ugoh, except for me (because the Cardinals need a tackle more than they need Quinn) and some guy from an Arkansas newspaper (for obvious reasons).

So, if nothing else, I now understand how a wife/girlfriend feels when a really attractive girl walks in the room and you immediately turn your head and stare.

No Real News Through Last Night:

Corey Dillon's going to ask to be released, then possibly retire, or he may do nothing.  The rumor mill is in full swing and all the players that want new contracts or a new lease on life will start posturing.  I'm surprised it didn't start earlier than this.

At least T.O. seems to be content (or at least, quiet) in Dallas.


We've got Whisenhunt coming to the podium at 11 a.m. and Rod Graves at 11:30 a.m.  I'll be there front and center, asking the tough questions like, "How happy are you to be reunited with Russ Grimm?"  "How does it feel to work with quality people that just want to win football games like the Bidwells?" or "How many years will it take you to get the Cardinals to the Super Bowl?"

The next two days will be defensive guys (an area where we need a lot of help).  And, we'll probably start getting work-out numbers and 40 times.

We'll have it all here for you in the Morning and Afternoon Combine Notes.  Check back soon!

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