Cardinals Morning Combine Notes: 2.25.07

Heard some interesting news on Calvin Johnson (the guy just keeps amazing us) and some analysis on defensive backs, including safety prospect LaRon Landry.

Leon Hall, CB, Michigan:

Hall had to answer a lot of questions about the fact that he got torched by Ted Ginn, Jr. and Dwayne Jarrett his last two games of the season.  He was poised and confident, addressed all the questions in a respectful manner, but you have to wonder what that looks like in the eyes of scouts and coaches.  Sure, he played at a shut-down level against lesser competition earlier in the season, but at the NFL level, everyone's as good and as fast as Ginn and Jarrett.

We'll see what happens when he runs the 40 later this week.  That will probably make or break him.

A.J. Davis, CB, NC State:

Since 45 defensive linemen from NC State went in the first round last year, it makes sense that guys from the Wolfpack would get some extra attention.

Due to a groin injury sustained at the Senior Bowl, Davis won't be doing any of the drills here at the Combine.  He'll be working out at his Pro Day on March 20th.  He's disappointed that he won't be able to run here, since he ran track throughout his college career and he looks at the Combine as being very similar to a track meet atmosphere.

He's run in the low 4.4s and high 4.3s in the 40, he was going to be a primary kick returner in the Senior Bowl, and there were four straight games in which no team threw in his direction (which is a sign of respect).  He's a little small at 5'10", 193, but he held his own against Calvin Johnson when he matched up against him his junior year, so he might be an intriguing guy to bring in for competition purposes opposite Antrel Rolle.

He met with the Cardinals yesterday and said that it was a very good, very productive meeting.  Then again, none of these guys is going to say that he had a crappy interview where he broke down and started crying after a tough question.

Reggie Lewis, CB, Florida:

He's only been a cornerback for one year (played receiver for the rest of his college career) and he's still a little bit raw.  However, Urban Meyer was willing to throw him in there against Ted Ginn for the National Championship, so he must be pretty good.  He feels his biggest weakness is supporting against the run (since he's used to evading tackles, not making them), but I think that's something we can work on.

You can teach someone proper tackling techniques.  It's more difficult to teach someone to have the athletic ability that this kid has at his size (5'10", 204).  He also added 8 pounds of muscle since the beginning of his senior year which will help his run support ability and make it easier for him to be physical with larger receivers at the NFL level (something that the Cardinals have been sorely missing).

Of course, after saying all these positive things about him, he hasn't had any contact with Arizona.  Crap.

Michael Coe, CB, Alabama State:

He transferred from Arkansas to Alabama State.  He's a smaller prospect (6' 1/2", 185) that might be able to contribute on special teams.  He'd probably be a good late round guy to add depth, but the Cardinals are really looking for guys that can come in and compete for a starting job against David Macklin and Eric Green.

Plus which, we didn't find out too much about him because he's a coach's son and one reporter peppered him with questions about that.

He also hasn't talked to Arizona.  So there's that.

Calvin Johnson weighed in at 239 and ran a 4.34 and 4.40 in the 40.  Like I said, can't miss.

LaRon Landry, S, LSU:

He's following in the footsteps of Michael Huff and Donte Whitner as the most coveted safety in this draft.  He's about the right size for a safety (6', 213) and, if Mike Mayock is anything to shout about, he'll blow everyone away in the 40 and short shuttle.

Robert Griffith can't play forever (he can't play forever, right?  I mean, he's got to retire eventually, right?) and Landry would be a good guy to team up with Adrian Wilson, giving the Cardinals two versatile guys at the safety position that can roam around, make plays, and defend both the run and the pass.

While I wouldn't want drafting Landry to mean that we have to give up Alan Branch, and I certainly wouldn't take him 5th overall, but Arizona has a lot of needs and could do worse than stockpiling draft picks and filling their roster with young talent.

It's an idea.  I still want Branch, but we didn't do any trading whatsoever last year, so I think we're due to move around a little.

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