Inside the War Room

This week, we here at CardinalInsider are letting you take a look inside our War Room. The big board is assembled, the players are ranked, and we're ready to go.

Who will Arizona take in the 7th round?  What street free agents might they be looking at?  Who is the "super sleeper" that they're going to unearth in Day Two?  Will the team of Whisenhunt and Graves be more successful than Green and... Graves?

I'll be honest, I really don't know.  No one knows.  Anyone who says that they're absolutely certain about any pick that doesn't make the calls for their organization is lying.  The percentages are much better inside the top 10, but as the picks come off the board, the percentages continue to plummet.

After all, if I could predict all seven rounds and which players would work out and become stars and which players would bust out, I'd be giving Warren Buffett a run for his money on the bond market.  And, if you think that any coach or general manager can accurately predict the draft because they have the highest level of insider information, well, give me a call.  I've got some stellar oceanfront property, just adjacent to University of Phoenix Stadium, to sell you.

My point is this: Since it's pretty well impossible to figure out which guy is going to be there in a given round, it's best to compile a list, rank the players overall and by position, and take the best available player that fills a need when it's time to pick.  You'll hear that this is a sound strategy roughly 381,425 times between now and when Mr. Irrelevant hears his name called on Sunday, but you'll also see Full Mock Drafts that try to predict exactly which players will fall to which teams at which picks in every round.  Sometimes, they even try to predict trades.

We, the benevolent staff of CardinalInsider, have full list of players ranked by position and overall.  While not attempting to predict which players will be available in which rounds, we have a good idea of who may or may not be there, and will give other feasible options.  This means that a sentence like, "Well, if David Clowney isn't available in the sixth round, we believe that Calvin Johnson may slide..."

There will be likely and viable options for every round.  And, hopefully, the key guys that we have identified will still be there.  This is how NFL teams do it, so this is how we will proceed.

In 2007 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals football team needs, at a minimum:

Two defensive linemen (preferably an end and a tackle), two offensive linemen (preferably a guard and a tackle), a linebacker, a special teams contributor (preferably a wide receiver or a cornerback), and a back-up quarterback (what?  You think Kurt Warner's going to live forever?  You trust Matt Leinart's shoulder?).

These are listed and will be taken in no particular order.  I cannot promise that my predictions will be accurate, rather I promise that they will be comprehensive.

If I tried to promise more, I'd fall short.

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