Inside the War Room: Round 7

Even though the Cardinals do have a high pick in Round 7, the pickings are usually pretty slim at this point in the Draft. There is, however, one bright spot amidst the frantic (and often draining and depressing) rush towards Mr. Irrelevant.

In the seventh round, everyone is basically looking to go home.  We're all professionals here and we all have a job to do, but it's a very rare occurrence that someone of any substance gets taken in the final stanza.  In fact, more undrafted players have gone on to more prominence and success than players taken in the final round.

But, the sportswriter code dictates that there must be coverage of this round and thus coverage there shall be.  And, as luck would have it, I have a name that continues to spring up in my mind the more I think about the Draft.  As luck would have it, he is most likely going to be there when Arizona makes their final selection of the 2007 NFL Draft.

Jeff Rowe, QB, Univerity of Nevada (at Reno). 

This is an interesting guy.  He got offers coming out of high school from Cal and Arizona State, but decided to go to Nevada-Reno to be close to home and because he was comfortable with the coach there.  You can say he's dumb for not jumping at a bigger school, or you can admire his principles.  I admire his principles, just like I admire that a lot of guys that potentially hurt their draft stock by staying around to finish what they started (both their degrees and their tenure with their respective teams).

He can make all the throws (came in 5th overall in velocity and distance drills at the Combine), he ran a sub-5 (4.98) in the 40 yard dash, and there's always one quarterback that comes out of nowhere and makes people pay attention.  That quarterback usually doesn't go until the fourth round or beyond, because they still played at a small school most folks haven't heard of.  Strange double standard: Chris Leak and Troy Smith had success at the highest level, but they're too short - Rowe is tall enough (6'5") and big enough (at 226, he still looks a little too gangly) but he didn't have success at the highest level.  Leak and Smith are definitely going to be drafted by someone, whereas you can't say the same about Rowe. 

Jeff also has some big hands.  They measured in at 10 inches, but it was seriously like trying to shake hands with a bunch of bananas.  Anyone that has thrown a football (and followed the over analysis of Alex Smith's career) knows how important big hands are.

And, the quarterback he most admires is Tom Brady - a guy that went in the Round 6 back in the day.  Warrants mentioning.

If the Cardinals somehow decide not to listen to my advice, I would highly recommend that they go for a cornerback or wide receiver that can help them out on special teams.  These are usually players with decent 40 times that either lack coverage skills (for cornerbacks) or the ability to catch a forward pass (receivers).

I identified all the players that fulfill those criteria that also should be available and listed them below.

Wide Receivers:  John Broussard, San Jose State and Brandon Myles, West Virginia.

Cornerbacks:  Joe Porter, Rutgers, Marquice Cole, Northwestern, and Darius Vinnett, Arkansas.

Editor's Pick: Jeff Rowe, QB, Reno-Nevada

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