Inside the War Room: Round 5

We start to see a light at the end of the tunnel as we move into Round 5. There are some gems to be found, but there's a whole lot of cubic zirconium. Mostly, here's where you find guys with tons of upside and more issues. We've found some key players at key positions that are simply solid players.

I get a little frustrated with the idea of "upside."

How about guys that have a great deal of athletic ability, but the "switch" hasn't been "flipped"?  By the time I was about to graduate from college, my switch had fully been switched to the "on" position (that sounds dirty somehow).  If the light bulb isn't on yet, it's dead.  And it's time to move on.

Fortunately, all Cardinals fans can forget about the final subset of players usually available in the 5th round: Guys with a checkered past.  That's a deadly red flag for anyone Arizona looks at and could be a career-ending blight now that Kaiser Goodell has pulled his Park Avenue Putsch (how about that, huh?  How many sports articles have you ever read that make obscure historical references like that?)

My point is that, instead of trying to uncover someone or tap their as-of-yet-untapped potential, why not go with a proven performer that may not necessarily have all the measurables or athletic skills that so many other experts tend to eyeball?  Why not go with the overachiever?  If he's been overachieving this long, what makes you think he'll stop?

This is my case for all the guys I'm recommending at this stage.  Particularly Dan Mozes, C/G, West Virginia.  At just a shade under 6'3", he is underweight for a player at his position at 293.  He is especially underweight to play guard for Russ Grimm.

The bright side is that Grimm's guards don't necessarily need to be big maulers, they need to have good feet.  In West Virginia's motion offense, Mozes constantly needed to pivot, find the ball carrier, and adjust at a moment's notice.  He needed to pull, trap, kick out, and get downfield.  All of these things are required of Grimm's charges.

Additionally, he has a great attitude and would be a good guy to have in the locker room.  He's very jovial, naturally witty, relishes contact, and just loves to play the game of football.  He's a classic guard.  He may need to get a little stronger, but I'm sure Grimm and strength coach John Lott (wearing a clown wig) can help him with that.

All in all, the Cardinals don't need upside, they need football players and Mozes fills that requirement and then some.

Here are some more good, solid football players that should be available, but lack flash and the kind of staggering potential that mars the first round:

If they go linebacker: Stephen Nicholas, University of South Florida, Dallas Sartz, Southern Cal.

If they go defensive end: Charles Johnson, Georgia (but I hope they don't go there).

If they go defensive tackle: Antonio Johnson, Mississippi State, Quinn Pitcock, THE Ohio State University.

If they go offensive tackle (really hope they don't go this direction): Chris Denman, Fresno State, Mario Henderson, Florida State.

Editor's Pick: Dan Mozes, G, West Virginia.

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