Time to Trade Down

The player they need has gone fishin' with the Cleveland Browns. But, they still have options.

Joe Thomas is gone.  Nothing can be done about that now.  Since Brady Quinn isn't a viable option, Adrian Peterson might be an injury risk, the Bucs saved the Cardinals from themselves by taking Gaines Adams, it's time to sound a full retreat.  Trade down, accumulate some picks, and fill out a roster that is in desperate need of depth at pretty much every position (but especially along the offensive and defensive lines).

Joe Staley, who I consider to be 1a after Thomas will be available if they trade to 15 or 16.  Levi Brown could still be there.  Adam Carriker, who can help the defensive line as a 4-3 end or tackle, or as a 3-4 end will definitely make it past the top 10.

Quinn is still available.  Peterson is still available.  While the Cardinals may not want them at this point, there are plenty of other dance partners for them.  The 5th overall pick does not have the stratospheric value that the four picks ahead of it have, but it still does have considerable value.  Arizona can get extra picks, a player that they need at a position of need, and get out of a huge contract.

Anyone will tell you that trading down is the smart move if you have a high selection in the first round.  The issue is trying to find a dance partner.  There is no shortage of dance partners for the Cardinals at this point.

They need to shuffle up to a team, fix their hair, and ask that team out on floor.

And I need to stop this analogy before it destroys me.  Trade down now.

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