The Cardinals Get It Wrong...Again

How do you blow a Top 5 pick?  There aren't that many options.  You can draft Ryan Leaf.  You can not put a pick in (Hello Minnesota!).  Or you can go the Cardinals route and take a player way too high, a player that you could have gotten three, five, maybe even seven picks later. In a FREE PREVIEW OF PREMIUM CONTENT Publisher James Renwick breaks it down.

A player that you could have gotten along with another second rounder, maybe even two (with Adrian Peterson and Brady Quinn still on the board, there would have been a ton of suitors).  The Cardinals have lost their minds…or did Rod Graves lose that awhile ago? 


So why?  Why is Levi Brown a bad pick?  I'll tell you why, because you could have gotten more, and quite possibly better later, and one thing is for sure. 


You could have gotten Levi Brown five picks later.  The Redskins weren't going to snatch him up, the Vikings are looking for a QB, Atlanta wants defense, and Miami is still dreaming of Brady Quinn.  Trade down, let Miami take their QB, and then take Brown at #9, or better yet take Central Michigan O-Lineman Joe Staley, and pick up an extra second rounder. 


Why?  Let me count the ways.  First, Levi Brown has the least ‘upside' of any first round O-Lineman.  He'll be solid, but few expect him to be spectacular.  Second, the Cardinals have far too many holes to fill.  Extra picks mean extra opportunities to get the D-Lineman, safety, tight end and other offensive lineman they need. 


The Cardinals certainly don't have the best track record in the draft.  Levi Brown will likely help the Cardinals, but he won't help that track record.

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