Who To Watch For: Round 3

Rounds 3-7 are all about hidden gems. It's where you look for those guys that others have discounted, that can't make it, that won't "fit in." It is also where you fill specific needs, and the Cards have a chance to pick up a very specific need. Find out who, and why, inside.

Ivy League is not necessarily synonymous with 'coveted prospect' but for Zak DeOssie, there is more of a pedigree than just a great education.  DeOssie's father (long snapper Steve DeOssie) was a pro, and at 6'4" 250 lbs he's a beast of a linebacker.  He's a middle linebacker, a beefy run stopper that could fit into either the 3/4 or 4/3, and Whisenhunt seems to love him. 

The question of course is one of competition.  DeOssie hasn't had the opportunity to prove himself against any of the best, and with the Cardinals going offensive and then defensive line, the next logical stop would be middle linebacker.  Can DeOssie hold his own?  Certainly, and not just as a (likely) backup linebacker but on the special teams and as a long snapper.  This can not possibly be overstated.  DeOssie's ability to fill (at least) two spots might just be the thing that gets him drafted, allows him to make the team, and finally keeps him in the league a long time.

This has already been a successful draft for the Cardinals.  They got the O-Lineman they needed and the D-Lineman they desired.  With rounds 3-7 you are looking for specialists that can help the club, and DeOssie, particularly because of his smarts, his size, and his ability to be a long snapper, fits the mold, while breaking the mold of an Ivy Leaguer.


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