Ten Priority Free Agents

The final bell has sounded, but a good GM's work (even Rod Graves) is never done. We're not done at CardinalInsider, either. Check out ten talented players that are still around.

Most of the deals for undrafted free agents are already done (even though personnel officials aren't supposed to be contacting players until 7 p.m. Eastern), but here's a list of ten guys that are still out there waiting for the phone to ring and how they can help.

Chris Leak, QB, Florida:

He may not have prototypical size for the position, but he's a winner and he shares one thing with Matt Leinart: A National Championship.  Imagine Leak lined up somewhere other than behind center and how that could mess with a defense, given Ken Whisenhunt's furtive imagination.

Luke Getsy, QB, Akron:

Considered too short and lacking a strong arm (and success against a high level of competition), but you've got to hand it to the MAC and their ability to produce NFL caliber quarterbacks.

Dan Mozes, C, West Virginia:

We've been talking about him all along and he's still out there.  Great fit for what Russ Grimm likes to do.

Kenny Scott, CB, Georgia Tech:

He runs like the wind (4.38 in the 40), has decent size (6'1", 179), but is still available because of durability concerns and inconsistent play.  I know, great prospect.  He certainly would be able to help in the kicking game.

Antwan Applewhite, DE, San Diego State:

Could be a college-defensive-lineman-turned-linebacker given his natural pass rushing skills and stature (6'3", 250).

David Patterson, DT, Ohio State:

Probably not big enough (6'2", 272), but with his first step, could become an effective end in the 3-4.

Corey Anderson, FB, Tennessee:

The second rated fullback on our board, Anderson is certainly used to a heavy workload and a lack of being in the spotlight.  If Whisenhunt isn't sold on Terrelle Smith and is intent on having a lead blocker, the Cardinals could do a lot worse.

Tim Duckworth, G, Auburn:

Stout and powerfully built (6'3", 304), has the look of a road grader at the next level.  Arizona has a short list of talented bodies currently on the roster and Duckworth could help foster some of that "healthy competition" that Whisenhunt seems so intent on creating.

Juwan Simpson, LB, Alabama:

At 6'2, 225, is a little light to play linebacker, but seems well suited to play safety.  He runs well enough to make the transition (4.59) and has already spoken to the Seahawks about making a change.  It would be nice to snake him from them.

Daniel Parrish, T, Florida A&M:

Huge prospect (6'6", 342) that could also work well as a right tackle in Grimm's scheme.  If nothing else, he could give Levi Brown some healthy competition.

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