Live From Indy: Cards Talk to Top-10 QB

The Arizona Cardinals are in Indianapolis figuring out their quarterback situation as they go. With Matt Leinart returning to his starting ways next season, Kurt Warner drops stock and Tim Hasselbeck falls to obscurity. Amberly Richardson reports from the 2008 NFL Combine that the Cardinals are working to part ways with both backups and obtain a top 10 prospect.

Quarterback coach Jeff Rutledge spent one-on-one time with Boston College quarterback Matthew Ryan (6'5", 218 lbs.) at the Combine. Ryan is a quarterback accustomed to the pro-style offense and earned his projected top pick in 2007 when he threw for 4,507 yards, completed 388 of 654 pass attempts, tallied 31 touchdowns and had 19 interceptions.

Ryan would solve Arizona's uncertainty when Kurt Warner retires and Ryan goes head-to-head for Matt Leinart's starting role.

He is currently training in Arizona and likes what he sees.

Ryan has solid technique and mechanics. His arm strength is average and he is not very mobile but he throws well on the run and is able to buy time in the pocket. He could undoubtedly be snatched up earlier in the draft by another team desperate for a gifted quarterback.

Warner stepped up when the Cardinals needed him the most. He threw for 3,417 yards and was 281 for 451 attempts with 27 touchdowns. With as many yards, he was picked 17 times.

Even if the Cardinals don't pick a quarterback of Ryan's caliber, the role Warner has played for the Cardinals' offense is vital and will continue to evolve as starter Matt Leinart develops.

A natural leader, Ryan takes charge and knows how to win. He has good touch on the ball and accurate timing.

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