Live From Indy: Trojans Back Matt

Ken Whisenhunt is standing by his decision in regards to the starting quarterback situation for next year. As is Matt Leinart's former teammates and current draft prospects who are giving their support and looking toward the desert themselves.

Indianapolis--Matt Leinarts' career in Arizona has been somewhat lackluster thus far. Still, head coach Ken Whisenhunt re-confirmed that Leinart is the starter going into this off-season, despite Kurt Warner's admirable job as backup quarterback after Leinart's five weeks down with a shoulder injury.

"Going forward, he's our starting quarterback. There's a lot of the speculation about Kurt and how he played. Kurt did a great job for us and I really respect what Kurt did for us, but when Matt got injured in the fifth game of the season, he was our starting quarterback and we felt like we were making progress with him."

There was some conjecture that Warner would be placed at the top of the depth chart, or at the very least given the chance to compete for the starting position.

"We felt it was best that Matt pick up where he left off and to prepare that way in the off-season."

John David Booty, Leinart's successor, knows all to well the expectations accompanying the starting quarterback for USC and a highly coveted draft prospect. He and Leinart are great friends after rooming together for three years at school. When asked how their relationship is today Booty says, "a lot of the time it's just talking like buddies. We get off football pretty fast."

USC tight end Fred Davis, who played with Leinart from 2004 to 2005, knows what it's like to catch passes from the quarterback. He managed to haul in 13 catches for 145 yards and two touchdowns in 2005. Davis has thought about what it might be like to come to Arizona and catch passes from his one-time college quarterback again.

"I would love to go to Arizona. Matt is a great quarterback."

With Booty and Davis both mentioned as first day draft picks, the chances of either reuniting with Leinart in the valley of the sun would be slim. However, on April 26th , both men should hear their name called as the newest acquisitions of two lucky NFL teams, continuing the lineage of USC Trojans moving on to professional success.

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