TE Prospect Discusses Meeting with Cardinals

Cardinalinsider.com reported from the NFL Combine last week of an exclusive private meeting between the Cardinals coaching staff and a sizable tight end. Amberly Richardson catches up with his prospect for an exclusive Q&A, where he discusses his diverse skill-set and a possible future with the Cards.

Former Texas Longhorn Jermichael Finley is a beastly tight end who impressed scouts at the Combine last weekend. The Combine Advisory Committee projects Finley to be low second-round selection, but nothing is set in stone.

Finley, who decided to leave Texas two years early for this April's draft, has received rave reviews for his ability to catch the ball cleanly and his adjustments to passes.

In 2007, Finley caught 45 balls for 575 yards and two scores. In his two-year career, he finished third in Texas history among tight ends with 76 receptions and sixth with 947 receiving yards.

Finley would breed competition with the Cardinals, something that has been lacking in recent years. Leonard Pope, a 2006 third-round pick, is the frontrunner for the starting position but has yet to fulfill his potential.

Here is Cardinalinsider.com's Amberly Richardson's question-and-answer session with Finley:

Amberly Richardson: Tight ends are classified as blockers or receivers. What kind of tight end are you?

Jermichael Finley: I'm a tight end who gets flexed out a little and can run a beat route or a corner route, so I can catch the ball and run with it after the catch.

AR: Do you get the sense the league is moving toward tight ends like that?

JF: Oh, for sure. Because they don't want the big tight ends any more. They want athletic tight ends who can run and catch the ball.

AR: Height and weight?

JF: My height was 6-4 and my weight was 243.

AR:Did you play mostly in the slot?

JF: Yeah, I played (in the slot). It was like 50-50. I played down on the line and I was in the flex a little. So it was like 50-50.

AR: Would you be interested in the Cardinals even if they used you more as a blocker than receiver?

JF: If I was drafted to the Cardinals, I'd just do my best in whatever situation they put me in. Hopefully, they'll change the offense a little.

AR: Which teams did you have private meetings with?

JF: The Cardinals, the Miami Dolphins> and a few others.

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