Is trading Fitz to Philly the answer?

After signing tight end Jerame Tuman and outside linebacker/defensive end Travis LaBoy in free agency, the Cardinals don't have the cap space to do much else. That's why they are concentrating their efforts on restructuring the contract of receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who is currently counting $16.5 million against the cap.

The Cardinals want to extend Larry Fitzgerald's contract and decrease that cap hit by at least $7 million or so in the process.

So far, they have had little success. Fitzgerald's agent, Eugene Parker, hasn't moved off a previous offer -- reportedly $25 million or so in guarantees on a four-year deal.

The Cardinals don't want to do that, because the fourth year contains a high salary, meaning they would be renegotiating the deal after just three years.

Team officials have consistently said they would not trade Fitzgerald this year, although rumors have circulated that they have talked to a few teams, most notably Philadelphia.

Cornerback Lito Sheppard is mentioned in that deal, but the Cardinals have shown little interest. Sheppard is unhappy with his current contract, and the Cardinals don't want to inherit someone else's problem when they have plenty of their own.

They would likely seek multiple draft picks if they were to ever pursue trading Fitzgerald.


--The team has had preliminary discussions about a contract extension with the agent for quarterback Kurt Warner. Warner is open to the idea, and it would benefit both sides. Warner is due to make $4 million this year and an extension could lower his cap figure of $5 million, giving the club some much needed room.

--New OLB/DE Travis LaBoy is looking forward to playing from a two-point stance, even though he rarely did it in four seasons in Tennessee. "That's right up my alley," LaBoy said.

--The Cardinals are up against the cap and might have to cut players if they sign additional free agents. "It's pretty close to that," Whisenhunt said. "If we had to sign other free agents, we'd have to make roster space, which obviously would involve cutting players."

--WR Larry Fitzgerald continues to say that he loves being a Cardinal, loves his teammates and wants to help the organization win. But some fans are growing antsy because he has yet to agree to a contract restructuring that would allow the club to pursue other free agent. At least that's what team officials say.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "They have been pretty consistent and at the same time, Larry has been pretty consistent that he wants to come back. There has been no inkling of trade talks, and we're not initiating any trade talks, nor do we want to." -- Eugene Parker, Larry Fitzgerald's agent, on assurances from team officials that they won't trade Fitzgerald.

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