Chat Transcript With Chris Harrington

The Cardinals selected Chris Harrington out of Texas A&M in the sixth round. On Sunday he caught up with local media to talk about his future in the desert.

On what the last few hours were like for him:

Chris Harrington: "I just stayed around the house, got up early, made some breakfast, and watched the TV. I just kept waiting and waiting, and then I heard from Arizona in the fourth or fifth round. Then, we waited and heard from them again three picks before they got me, so we just stayed on the phone. I'm pumped. I got my Arizona hat on right now. I'm ready to go."

On if he knows whether the Cardinals will use him at defensive end or linebacker:

CH: "I think they want me to play the outside linebacker position in the 3-4. Coach [Ken] Whisenhunt said he liked my motor, he liked how I rush the passer and get of the ball and how I play. So I think he wants me to play that outside linebacker spot."

On whether he has any experience playing outside linebacker:

CH: "I did it in college. Probably 20 percent of the time, I was standing up in a 3-4 package. I've been working on it. Teams have been talking to me about playing that outside linebacker spot, so I've been working on dropping, standing up and coming off the ball. I'm excited."

On how familiar he is with the Cardinals:

CH: "Not very familiar. I don't know much, coming from Houston. I'm just excited to be on a team."

On if having family in the NFL (his uncle, Dave Elmendorf) helped him in this process:

CH: "I think it helped, having my uncle play for nine years. He's just been giving me advice and talking me through it. This is just the start. This isn't the end of anything. This is just the start of my career. I'm just excited. I'm ready to get up there and get working."

On if he has ever been to Arizona:

CH: "I've driven through Arizona. When we played in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, my sister and I drove back. We stopped by the Grand Canyon and came back to Texas on the road, so just passed through."

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