Arizona Adds Keith To Developing O-Line

In the final round of the 2008 draft, the Arizona Cardinals chose offensive lineman Brandon Keith. This choice demonstrates their commitment to more offensive production and quarterback protection. takes a look at this draft pick and how he will fit in the Cardinals' roster.

Offensive tackle Brandon Keith (6'5", 343 pounds) played an integral part in a Northern Iowa offense that recorded 3,241 rushing yards and 2,989 passing yards in 2007.

He is an outstanding athlete and has excellent size and bulk. He can also be devastating as a run blocker. He has incredible strength and is very mobile.

He has few weaknesses but they are sometimes more difficult to overcome. He lacks great awareness on blitzes and needs to improve his lateral footwork. He suffered a knee injury in 2005, so durability may be an issue. He lacks great stamina to play well late in games and his commitment is questionable.

He will compete to back up starters Levi Brown and Mike Gandy in 2008. Elton Brown is currently the top backup at tackle, but Brown may be deployed primarily on the interior line next season.

A scout's perspective...

Tom Marino is a former pro scout with more than 30 years of experience in the league, here is his take on Keith:

Outstanding physical skills and a pro body (long arms and thick all over), but is just not very tough nor was he physical in his play. Very talented athlete with every conceivable physical gift, but should have been far more dominent in his overall play. Loved his feet, can pull, lead, and adjust on the move, but he just wasn't a consistent finisher. Needs to drop some body weight and improve stamina. Round 4 - 5 consideration.

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