Insider Exclusive: Q&A with Carlton Medder's Dusty Wittig continues his interview with Cardinals rookie offensive guard Carlton Medder, this time for Insiders only. The Florida product talks about the challenges of blocking for Matt Leinart, his personal favorite highlight reel, which 2008 game he's looking forward to and more in this exclusive Q&A.

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DW: What is the biggest challenge you will face in NFL ball that you didn't have to deal with in college?

CM: The biggest challenge is learning the playbook. In the NFL you will learn new plays one day in practice, and then you have to study them and memorize them that night. Then the next day you will have to learn more new plays. In college you have a red shirt year or spring practices to study the playbook. In the NFL everything is just thrown at you, if you don't learn them in time you're going to get cut.

DW: What are the strengths in your game that you will bring to the Cardinals?

CM: My strengths are my versatility. I can and have played tackle and guard in college. Also I am able to read defenses well, and I can pick up the plays quickly.

DW: What are some things you could improve upon that will help you become successful in the NFL?

CM: I would have to say my pass blocking. Don't get me wrong, I think I am pretty good, but nobody is perfect. You can always improve something.

DW: Is there an upcoming game for the 2008 season that you have circled on your calendar?

CM: Joe Cohen and Ray McDonald are former teammates of mine and they play for the San Francisco 49ers, so it will be fun to play against them twice every year.

DW: Is there a veteran on the team who has eased your transition from college ball?

CM: Edgerrin James has made him self available to me and has given me his number. We have talked a lot because he went to Miami and both live in Orlando in the off season.

DW: Blocking for a running quarterback like Tim Tebow is something you're probably not going to have to worry about with the Cardinals. But what are the differences between playing with a Tim Tebow, versus a more stationary passer like Matt Leinart?

CM: When you are blocking for a scrambling QB, you can catch a lot of defenders off guard and really sweep them off their feet. They are paying attention so much to where the QB could be that they don't see you coming sometimes.

CM: With a stationary QB, you know you got to pass block for much longer time. You really have to bear down and make sure your man doesn't get by you.

DW: You have participated in community services like the Goodwill Gators while at Florida. Are you interested in doing charitable work while in Arizona? If so, what kind of programs would interest you?

CM: I really enjoy working with the kids. In Florida I went to a lot of elementary schools to talk to the kids and interact with them. It's good for them to see someone who has been in their shoes before, and I try to show them that with hard work, they too could live their dreams.

DW: What is your favorite personal highlight you have ever had?

CM: I would say that my favorite highlight happened my senior year against Vanderbilt. We ran the same running play back to back and in the play I had to pull to the right side. Both times I hit the hole hard and put the defender on his back. That was my personal highlight.

Click here for Part I of the Q&A.

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