Insider Exclusive: Q&A With Peter Clifford's Dusty Wittig continues his interview with Cardinal's offensive lineman Peter Clifford, this time for Insiders only. In this portion the former Spartan tells Wittig about his first minicamp experience, the best defensive player he has ever played against, his best college memory and much more.

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Dusty Wittig: What are some things you could improve on to become successful in the NFL?

Peter Clifford: I need to work on getting stronger and improving my leverage. Sometimes I tend to be over aggressive; I just need to learn to play in myself.

DW: As a college player expecting to go pro, did you have any friends or contacts in the NFL you looked to for advice?

PC: Yah, I have talked to a couple of my buddies from Michigan State. Kyle Cook who plays for the Bengals has told me what to expect and what goes on in the NFL. I have also talked with Drew Stanton.

DW: How was your minicamp experience?

PC: It was good. It's good to come in here and put on my first NFL T-shirt and helmet. It was tough getting a whole new playbook thrown at you in three days. But I have adjusted well.

DW: What is going on at the voluntary camps?

PC: It is kind of the same thing as mini camp. We are working out and going through the plays. I'm getting more acclimated in the offense. It is a good thing for all of us.

DW: Who is the best defensive player you have ever played against?

PC: As a sophomore, we were playing against Ohio State, and I came in for an injured player and I had a tough game against Bobby Carpenter. Also Vernon Gholston was a great player.

DW: In college you had played at three different positions on the line. How do you think your versatility will help you in the NFL?

PC: I think it will definitely help me. These days the rosters are so much smaller, so having a guy that can move from guard to tackle is an advantage. It will help me find a spot.

DW: What is your best college memory?

PC: My best college memory happened two years ago. We were down thirty five points to Northwestern and came back to win. It was the best college comeback in NCAA history. Also being a captain this last season and helping our team reach a bowl game.

DW: What excites you the most about playing for the Cardinals?

PC: I feel like I am in the right place at the right time. Last year was a good season for the Cardinals and we are going to get better. I want to help them get their first winning season in a long time.

DW: What is your favorite personal highlight?

PC: My junior year we went out to Penn State and I put a great linebacker on his back. It was a big thrill for me because he was a great player and I got the best of him.

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