Coach's Take on DE Bryan Robinson's Dusty Wittig lands an exclusive interview with Wesley College head coach Mike Drass to talk about rookie DE Bryan Robinson. Drass speaks about Robinson's ability as a leader, his off-the-field personality, and how the 300-pound rookie reminds him of a 200-pound safety. Find out what else Drass has to say in this Q&A.

Dusty Wittig: What kind of player is Bryan Robinson?

Mike Drass: For the Div. III level, he is extremely talented and was a person who could dominate the game. He was a special player here, as seen by our record. He is 6'3" and close to 300 pounds and runs like a safety. He has the ability to hit and is very athletic.

DW: How will Robinson handle the 3-4 defense?

MD: He was a defensive end here in our defense but he will play more of a tackle position with the Cardinals. I think he will still have the same techniques, but instead of being on the outside shade of the tackle, he will be on the guard. It won't be a completely new world for him, but the biggest challenge for him will be competing against talent that is light years ahead of our Div. III level.

DW: What are Robinson's strengths as a player?

MD: He is a very smart football player and very coachable. He doesn't need to be told anything ten times before he understands it. He was a great wrestler in high school and could have competed at the Div. I level. He has excellent balance and great lower body strength. For us, he would play the game like a 200-pound linebacker running around, except he is 6'3" and near 300 pounds.

DW: What are things that Robinson can work on?

MD: Right now, he is working on his strength. Throughout the summer he has made a commitment to stay in Arizona and do as much as he can in the weight room, so he can get his body from a strength standpoint on the same level as his peers.

DW: What kind of guy is Robinson off of the field?

MD: He is a great guy, very likeable and has a lot of friends. Half of our team wants to go down there to Arizona and visit him if they could all afford it. They are all keeping in contact with him. He is also a very loyal kid. After his first year he could have transferred to a higher level, but he didn't. If you look at him, there are a lot of positives.

DW: Would you consider Robinson to be a leader?

MD: Of course. I think right now he is taking a role of being a follower to make sure he is doing all of the right stuff. But when it comes down to making a big play in a game, he has always stepped up to get the job done.

DW: What is your favorite memory of Robinson?

MD: Over his four year career here, we have won 44 games with him. There are a lot of wins that I remember. Two South Region Championships, he had great games where he stepped up, made great plays and played at a very high level. His father, Jackie, is one of my assistants and I have gotten to know his dad very well. Just being able to see Bryan mature and grow as a person has been great. His first couple semesters here, he will admit that he was challenged academically when he shouldn't have been, but now he is a really solid student and will graduate shortly. That's the thing I will remember.

DW: Is there anything else you would like people to know about Robinson?

MD: Everyone here is excited for him and checking up on him on the website every day. We are excited for his opportunity and want him to compete and do the best he can. We all are really happy for him.

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