Exclusive Q&A: Rookie OG Hercules Satele

AZRedReport.com's Dusty Wittig speaks with Cardinals undrafted free agent Hercules Satele. The 2008 Cardinal hopeful is an All-American coming out of the University of Hawaii. Satele tells Wittig about his expectations for the uprising Cardinals, the strengths of his game, his biggest influences in life and more in this exclusive Q&A.

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Dusty Wittig: Who were your favorite teams and players growing up?

Hercules Satele: I grew up in California, so I liked all of the California teams. The 49ers and Raiders, and Jerry Rice and Joe Montana were my favorite players.

DW: What is your favorite non-football activity?

HS: Playing video games, going to the movies, hanging with the fellas and relaxing.

DW: At what point in your career did you realize that you had NFL potential?

HS: Probably during my senior year. People started talking to me as the season started winding down. I spoke to a couple agents and they told me I had the potential. That's when I started thinking about going pro and everything else just fell into place.

DW: Who was your biggest football and non-football influence growing up and why?

HS: My biggest football influence came from all of the relatives I have played with in college. I had two relatives that got drafted last year (Samson Satele and Melila Purcell) and they have been through the ropes. When they came back to Hawaii they taught me everything that they have learned and told me what it takes to play at the pro level.

HS: My biggest non-football influence comes from my father. He is the first person to introduce me to the game. He never played football, but he got my foot in the door and showed me the true meaning of work ethic.

DW: What are some of your goals for the upcoming season?

HS: A lot of good things are going on around this organization. Personally, my main goal is just to make the team and hopefully keep a spot over here. I think this team can go far and this is their second year with the new coaching staff. The veterans have told me about the differences they have seen between this year and last year. They say there is a whole new vibe this year because they went 8-8 last season with a brand new coaching staff. Now that everyone has a full year in the new system, everyone is confident in the possibility of making the playoffs. So I'm excited for this team and am just trying to learn as much as I can.

DW: Is there an upcoming game for the 2008 season that you're particularly looking forward to?

HS: My cousin, Samson Satele plays for the Dolphins, so I am excited to play them. Also a good friend of mine, Isaac Sopoaga, plays for the 49ers. It will be great to play against his team twice this season. And someday I hope to be able to play against the Cleveland Browns, because my cousin Melila Purcell plays for them.

DW: What are you planning for your first NFL paycheck?

HS: Right now, I wish I could do a lot of things. But I am going to save it up, so I can get my parents a good present.

DW: Is there a veteran on the team who has helped ease your transition from college ball?

HS: There are a lot of them. But the main person in Deuce Lutui. He has helped me go over the plays and has given me little tips that will help me in the future.

DW: What is the biggest challenge you will face in the NFL that you didn't have to deal with in college?

HS: The talent level and the whole schedule of the NFL is very different from the college level. In the NFL even 3rd stringers are in the league for a reason. They know what they need to do and you can't slack off when you face anyone. Everyone is the real deal. Also, in college you have to go to class and practices. But in the NFL there are no classes, there are meetings after meetings. The playbook is three times larger, and there are so many new things to learn. Those are the biggest challenges.

DW: What are some of your strengths that you can bring to the Cardinals?

HS: From my position, the offensive line, I can bring quickness and technique. Especially, playing college at Hawaii, I have a lot of experience with pass blocking. My run blocking skills are getting better all the time. Now that I am in the 3-point stance, I am quicker off the snap and I can feel the difference.

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