Insider Exclusvie Q&A: OG Hercules Satele's Dusty Wittig continues his interview with rookie offensive lineman Hercules Satele, this time for insider's only. In this section Hercules tells Wittig about football in Hawaii, the differences between the three-point and the two-point stance, playing for June Jones and much more in this exclusive.

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Dusty Wittig: At Hawaii, due to the high passing offense, you would play in the two-point stance. What are the main differences between the two-point and the three-point?

Hercules Satele: Coming from Hawaii, we played in the run and shoot offense. In the two-point stance we could look over the defensive lineman and see the secondary. We had to look for the safeties and be able to account for any change in the secondary. In the three-point, you can still see everything but not as well. The three-point allows me to be quicker off of the snap, but if you're not careful the defensive linemen can tell when you are run blocking or pass blocking. You have to be sure to look the same every time. With the two-point it is a lot easer to disguise yourself.

DW: As a college player expecting to go pro, did you have any friends or contacts in the NFL you looked to for advice?

HS: Samson Satele and Melila Purcell. They helped me the most in getting me ready for the NFL and what to expect from a different level. Samson plays offensive line too and showed me different techniques and what to expect. They have been really influential with my progress.

DW: Who is the best defensive player you have ever gone up against?

HS: There are a lot. Alan Branch is good. It's kind of hard to pick one.

DW: What were the best parts of playing football in Hawaii?

HS: Just the atmosphere over there. It's so family oriented and everyone knows you. I got along well with all the players. And right when you land, they automatically embrace you and the fans are just incredible. The whole atmosphere just gets you involved.

DW: You were the first University of Hawaii player to be named to the Football Writers of America Association All-American First Team. That's a great honor, what are your feelings about that?

HS: I feel honored just to be up there with the other players that have been on that list. I didn't really expect it, but it's a great honor and a surprise. Throughout my senior year, we had a lot of success and I guess that award comes with the success. I'm just honored to have that and to represent Hawaii.

DW: How was your mini camp experience?

HS: It was great. I was just amazed by the facilities and by seeing the great players that I am used to watching on Sundays right in front of me. Our mini camp included veterans, and I was great to be able to practice on the same field as them. Usually you feel star-struck at some point, but you feel honored to be amongst them. I just wanted to show that I could play with them.

DW: You went undefeated in the regular season last year. What was your favorite memory from that season?

HS: The whole year was a great experience because no one else went undefeated during the regular season. Some of the games we were down on the road, like against Nevada and San Jose State, and their fans did not expect us to come back. But we came back and won. Also the Washington game we were down by 21 points and still came back and won. Just to have that win at the end of the season, on senior night, was a great feeling.

DW: Protecting guys like Timmy Chang and Colt Brennan in an offense like June Jones' for four years could pretty much be considered as the ultimate pass-blocking seminar. How do you think that has prepared you to be an offensive lineman in the NFL?

HS: It has prepared me a lot. Every week the other team's defensive linemen were licking their lips thinking that they will get a lot of opportunities for sacks when they play us. Blocking in Hawaii's system, I had to take on the best the other team's defense. We have to study their moves and be ready. A lot of scouts have said that our offensive linemen are at a disadvantage because of the lack of run blocking we had to do. But I can hold my own in that aspect as well. You can't be in the NFL without being able to pass block and we excel at that.

DW: What are you most excited about in playing for the Cardinals?

HS: The atmosphere in the locker room is great. People are up and ready for the season. They are going off last year's run and getting excited for the potential of this season. The first year with the new coaching staff, they went 8-8. Now, we will learn the system more and have a lot of good players coming back. We have a chance to do a lot of big things.

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