Insider Exclusive: Q&A with Thaddeus Coleman Dusty Wittig continues his interview with former Mississippi Valley State offensive tackle Thaddeus Coleman. The massive lineman talks about the race to learn the playbook, the challenges that lie ahead, and the benefits of having a father who played in the NFL. Find out what else Coleman has to say in this exclusive Q&A.

Dusty Wittig: Who were your biggest influences growing up and why?

Thaddeus Coleman: My father (Michael Coleman) was my biggest influence. He was a linebacker in the pros. If he wasn't my coach on the field, he was always my coach off of it. He helped me develop into a true football player when I was young. Even when I wasn't around him, he would always call me and give me pointers. He was the No. 1 football influence in my life.

DW: What is the biggest challenge you will face in the NFL that you didn't have to deal with in college?

TC: Learning the playbook so quickly. It's just that you have to learn the plays a lot faster than you do in college. In college, you had time to practice them and to study. Here, you have got to know what you are doing by the next day.

DW: What are your strengths as a player that you can bring to the Cardinals?

TC: I think I am a pretty good pass blocker and an OK run blocker, too.

DW: What are some things you can improve on that will help you become successful in the NFL?

TC: I have been watching the vets and looking at their technique and it is perfected. I need to improve my technique and get it perfect.

DW: As a college player expecting to go pro, did you have any friends or contacts in the NFL you looked to for advice?

TC: Not really. I knew a couple guys who had tried out before. They told me about how fast you have to learn the playbook and stuff like that.

DW: You didn't have an offensive line coach at Mississippi Valley State. How excited are you to learn from Cardinals offensive line coach Russ Grimm?

TC: It is a real big upgrade. He is actually teaching us and telling us exactly where we need to be, how we need to step, how to pull and how to turn our bodies. It is nice learning from him because he actually teaches.

DW: What is your favorite moment from your college career?

TC: Probably my last game. We came out, played as a team and went out on top. It was a good moment for us just to go out on top and play together for our last game.

DW: How was your Mini Camp experience?

TC: It has been good. It has been a learning process the whole time. We were out there working hard, learning the playbook and working on different techniques.

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